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Our inspiration is Steve Irwin: The crocodile hunter. He and his family ( Terri, Bindi, Robert ) are dedicating their lives for Wildlife Conservation. He passed away in 2006. It was the saddest moment for his family. His family are continuing Steve's legacy and his love for Wildlife. We are proud of them for what they and their team are accomplishing.

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Tribute to Steve Irwin by Melody Sheep

Growing up, I (Fauna) used to watch Wild Kratts and it was from there that my marvel for God's creations began... Wild Kratts is a PBS kids show run by Martin and Chris Kratt devoted to teaching kids about wildlife and showing them how they can help. The witty Kratt brothers still run the show and it isn't over yet. 

Martin and Chris Kratt also have other shows like 'Be the Creature' or 'Zaboomafoo'. 

You can read more about the Wild Kratts on our blog: 

Wild Kratts Trailer

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